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Erectile Dysfunction: A Warning of Impending Heart Disease

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Erectile dysfunction: usually a warning of impending heart disease

Erectile dysfunction as bad as it known to be is not restricted to depriving men the pleasure that comes with sexual intercourse only. Studies showed that, for many men, …

The EPIC Age

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We are living in the information age. It is exciting! We can communicate on almost any level now. We can do anything online. The entire world is at our fingertips. I can do my shopping, reading, catch up with friends …

Atrial Fibrillation

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First specifically described in 1874 in dog hearts, atrial fibrillation affects both the young and the old. However, eight percent of people over 80 years of age are affected with atrial fibrillation. This typically non-life-threatening condition involves having an irregular …

A Few Quick Facts About Strokes

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A stroke is the loss of blood flow to different parts of the brain preventing the oxygen and blood from getting to the brain; this causes brain cells to die. A stroke can also be called cerebrovascular disease (CVA) or …

Magnetic resonance angiography

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Magnetic resonance angiography, or MRA, is a medical test which contributes to a doctor’s ability to diagnose medical conditions and prescribe suitable treatments. The angiography employs state-of-the-art imaging technology methods to generate pictures of the blood vessels so that any …

Blood clots

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Blood clots are also referred as thrombus. Dangerous blood clots are often called Venous thromboembolism or pulmonary embolism. 2,000,000 people in America develop some sort of blood clot each year. Deep vein thrombosis may lead to pulmonary embolism, and 200,000 …

All You Need To Know About Pulmonary Embolism

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A pulmonary embolism is a life-threatening condition in which a person is unable to breathe. It can occur over time but usually the symptoms have a sudden onset. What some people are not aware of is that this type of …

Heart Attack Facts

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A heart attack is when someone’s heart stops for some reason. There is some kind of blockage that exists within the arteries or such components. The highest percentage of heart attacks come from something blocking the coronary arteries. The arteries …

Pharmaceutical Milestones in Human History

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The profession of pharmacy has been traced back to Babylon, 2600 BC; at this time, pharmacy was a blend of herbs combined with spiritual practices in an attempt to heal the sick and wounded. Pharmacy has evolved over the past …