The EPIC Age

Medical • 30 Nov 2011

We are living in the information age. It is exciting! We can communicate on almost any level now. We can do anything online. The entire world is at our fingertips. I can do my shopping, reading, catch up with friends and family around the world, and even do my work online. I have been an EEG Technician for 8 years. In that short time technology has come a long way. We used to physically have to page through a paper chart, find the doctors order and if the printer wasn’t working I would have lost my orders and never know where to go. I would have to drive over to our sister hospital to help my coworker out if she was slammed with patients, but I would never know that unless she called me. Epic has made it so easy for us. I log on to the computer now when I get into work and there is a list of all the patients in both hospitals right there in one place. I look up the patients name and I find all the charts information without having to hunt down which doctor has their chart. I can even look up the patients old records to see if they have had any other EEG’s done in the surrounding area as long as that company also utilizes EPIC. Having all medical records in one place for staff to view saves us all so much time and energy. The doctor’s offices are also linked in to the system which allows them to recieve the patient’s test results almost as soon as the tech get’s the results. This has been a very valuable asset to all hospitals and doctor’s offices country wide. I am excited about what is to come in name of technology as computer techs work around the clock to make things better and easier for doctors and patients alike.

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